Hard Floor Cleaners Perth

Enquire Now Hard floor maintenance helps to ensure a clean, bright, and shiny finish. Regular hard floor maintenance also helps protect the floors from general wear and tear. It is important that our staff are trained in hard floor maintenance prior to undertaking this type of cleaning. There are specialised techniques required for different types of hard floors (resilient vinyl floor, parkett, marble, stone, tile, concrete, wood and so on).

Floor cleaning and restoration is one of our specialities

Having been trained through Jena Dyco International, cleaning hard and soft floor surfaces are our expertise. We can maintain the integrity of all hard floor surfaces including vinyl, tiles and grout, concrete, slate, painted and wood. Keeping clean floors is important, not only for appearances but for the health and safety of employees and clients. 

Services include strip and sealing, auto scrubbing, tiles, and grout, degreasing and high-pressure water cleaning, industrial sweeping, and scrubbing. In the long-term, cleaning and maintaining hard floors regularly with quality products will save you thousands of dollars.

Products for Hard Floors:

Cleaning, Buffing, Stripping & Sealing Products

There are a variety of products for each type of floor and each task for example cleaning products, buffing products, stripping products, sealing products and so on. With each of these cleaning solutions, it is essential that dilutions rates are carefully followed, appropriate PPE is used, and that Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are readily available.

Prior to starting all hard floor maintenance services, it is important to have all the necessary equipment available. It essential that “Wet Floor” and “Cleaning in Progress” signs are placed at all entrances to the area that are being cleaned.

All hard floor maintenance should have a schedule of daily, weekly and periodical tasks to be undertaken. First, we start by using a dust mop or vacuum to remove any loose dirt, sand, and debris. The floors are then mopped with a neutral cleaning solution suitable for the type of floor (vinyl, tile, wood). This process is the minimum daily requirement. On large areas we use a Hako Auto Scrubber with a neutral cleaning solution.

Regular Hard Floor Polishing

Some hard floors will require regular polishing and buffing to maintain their clean high gloss finish such as sealed wood and vinyls; most will require weekly or fortnightly polishing.  When polishing floors, we use Pac Vac floors polishers and scrubbers. After completing the daily cleaning process, we then spray and buff the floors with a suitable pad, leaving the floor with a desired high gloss finish.

Shard floors that have been sealed will require annual or bi-annual strip and sealing, this is a very technical process and therefore is only meant to be carried out by qualified and highly trained staff. To summarise the process, all old sealer is removed, and new sealer gets applied, thus bringing the floors back to life.