Hospitality & Retail Cleaning Perth

Enquire Now Since 1987, we have cleaned Western Australian hospitality and retail businesses. In that time, we have learnt the most important thing to customers is the appearance of a business. Our experience allows us to make informed and unique scopes of cleaning for our clients.

Our Hospitality & Retail Cleaning Services:

General Cleaning Services

Foyers, service areas and till areas 

Kitchens, prep areas, lunchrooms & cool rooms

Glass & window cleaning

Hard Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Consumables and Chemicals

Professional and Personalised service to suit you

Having an immaculate building and floorspace will entice new customers and create repeat sales, boosting business. Our staff and reliably perform safe and professional retail cleaning. Each site has a dedicated Area Manager who oversees operations and conducts regular audits, which enables us to continue to provide the highest quality commercial cleaning standards for our clients. 

We are completely flexible with our service, meaning our clients schedule us to come in and clean when it suits them. This could be once a week, month, every day or even multiple shifts per day and/or night. Our team members work at any hours our clients prefer, so it will be at no inconvenience to you.

Food Industry Hygiene and Cleaning Services 

We offer commercial cleaning services that extend beyond standard cleaning methods. We clean food industry properties such as processing factories and storage warehouses, ensuring that your business is always compliant with all health and hygiene regulations, giving you peace of mind. We apply our extensive industrial knowledge to offer our clients a deep hygienic clean, using specific equipment to leave all surfaces sterile.

We use the latest technology and cleaning innovations available to provide a service that ensures a safe sanitary workplace for customers and employees. We are committed to protecting the environment and have a Green Stamp Plus environmental accreditation, this also means we never use toxic cleaning agents.